Cash accounting

System where cash payments or receipts are recorded at the times these payments or receipts occur. (kasstelsel)

Collective sector

Is the public sector; government and related organizations and institutions providing social services. The opposite of the private sector. (collectieve sector)

Committee for Financial Supervision (CFT)

The Committee (or board) of temporary financial supervision is the organization within the Kingdom of the Netherlands tasked with overseeing public financial management to ensure it improves and becomes sustainable. (College financieel toezicht) http://www.cft.cw/en/about-the-cft/organization

Compliance audit

A comprehensive review of an organization’s adherence to regulatory guidelines. (rechtmatigheidsonderzoek)

Confidential functions

Functions in government or elsewhere on St. Maarten, which have the potential of harming national security. (vertrouwensfuncties)


A financial controller ensures that accounting records are kept appropriately and that reported results comply with accounting standards and relevant legislation. Also, the controller is responsible for establishing and executing internal controls over accounting and financial procedures.

Coverage ratio

The relationship (expressed in percentage) between the pension fund’s capital and the pensions that must be paid in future to participants. (de dekkingsgraad)