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We audit the lawful and effective use of your tax money. View our most recent reports here.

Audit into the process of Ex Officio Tax Assessments

Audit into the process of
Ex Officio Tax Assessments

This report raises concerns about the lack of written processes, policies, outdated ICT, and arbitrary actions in the tax assessment process.

Efficiency Audit: Sint Maarten
Stimilus & Relief Plan 2021

Discover how the COVID stimulus funds were allocated, uncover the reasons behind delayed payments to residents and businesses, and read about issues of accountability. Don't miss out on this report!

Financial Statements
2021 St.Maarten

We found irregularities in the 2021 Financial Statements, leaving doubts about the lawfulness and effectiveness of Government income and expenditures.

Annual Report 2022

Curious about what we did in 2022? We covered topics like your road tax and government rent expenses. Our annual report highlights our voluntary budget reduction, our interactive environment, and CAROSAI board membership. Check it out!

Compliance Audit: APS' 2021 Financial Statements

2021 was characterized by high inflation. Yet, APSpensions were not indexed. Learn more about APS’s choices in this report.