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We audit the lawful and effective use of your tax money. View our most recent reports here.

Performance Audit: SXM Investment Agency

The SXM Investment Agency, a subsidiary of APS, has underperformed since its inception, costing the participant ANG 1,8 million. Accountability is lacking. Read more here.

Medical Assistance under pressure: Management, Communication and Compliance

Discover how a government program costs taxpayers ANG 24.6 million in 2021.

Compliance Audit: APS' Financial Statements 2022

In 2022 the coverage ratio fell below 100%. By law, a recovery plan must be drafted. APS pensions were again not indexed. Read more in this report.

Audit into the process of Ex Officio Tax Assessments

Audit into the process of Ex-officio Tax Assessments

This report raises concerns about the lack of written processes, policies, outdated IT and arbitrary actions in the assessment process.

Auditing public travel and Parlatino membership

We audited the two most costly business trips and the effectiveness of Parlatino. Read more here